Netent Quest for Immortality Basics

Quest for immortality is a new slot game created by Netent. It is a 5 reel and 720 payline game that is heavily anchored on Netent softwares. This slot game is inspired by ancient Egypt, making it one of the most realistic games. Just like many games created by Netent, this slot game has exquisite features. Quest for Immortality is a classic slot that has a remarkable reel structure, outstanding graphics and will surely give you unforgettable gaming experience. Available on online casinos like , Quest for Immortality is fan's favourite. It is surely worth your time!

Wondering on which platforms you can Quest for immortality? Well, apart from being available on popular online casinos like , you can play it on many other platforms. For instance, the game can be downloaded and played on mobile phones, desktops, tablets or laptops. One advantage with this slot game is the fact that it is compatible with any device. You won't experience any downtown or crashing when playing it. Additionally, gamblers have hailed Quest for Immortality because of its simplicity in gameplay. You don't have to be a pro to win on this slot game, anyone with basic knowledge can win.

Quest for Immortality Gameplay

As I mentioned earlier, Netent Quest for Immortality is one of the most recently created games. Playing it is very simple and any gambler can have a good shot at winning. There are, however, a few things you ought to do before engaging in this game. For instance, you have to set your bets first. In Quest for Immortality, the coin denominations vary from around 0.1 to 2, and you can easily adjust them through the +/- buttons. In addition, setting up the Quest for Immortality slot game is very easy. You can simply do so through setting the value of coins per line.

Buttons in Quest for Immortality

Netent Quest for Immortality is a game with many buttons. Each button has its function and it is important for gamblers to know about them. The Max Bet Button for instance, is responsible for setting the maximum amount of stake available. Gamblers can use this button to set the amount of money they would like to spend on a bet. Another button is the Spin Button. This is used to execute the game. The spin button is used by gamblers to implement the strategy they had in mind. It is one of the most important and critical buttons in the game.


Wild Symbols Available in Quest for Immortality

Being one of the most coveted games from Netent, Quest for Immortality has several symbols. The game has wild symbols like Ankh, which is beautifully set against a purple background. Ankh is a dominant symbol that substitutes for almost every other symbol. Another feature worth noting is the fact that there aren't any special or scatter symbols in Quest for Immortality. For the wild feature to occur, the Ankh symbol has to land on top reels 2,3 or 4. This combination is very important because it is the winning one. Every gambler knows how crucial the symbol is.

Levels in Quest for Immortality

Just like other games created by Netent, Quest for Immortality had different difficult levels. There is the amateur level all the way to the legendary levels. Experts have warned gamblers against picking a difficulty level that they are not well conversant with. As a gambler, you have the freedom to choose the difficulty level that you are comfortable with. Don't go for the legendary level when you can only manage semi-pro. It is very important to know because it will help you win the slot. Each difficulty level has its own rate of payout and the amount offered.