Microgaming and Netent Outlook

It is evident that online gambling is becoming more popular as days go by. Established online casinos like top-netentcasinos have played a critical role in ensuring there fluidity in gameplay. The biggest companies in the gaming industry today are Netent and Microgaming. They have the best customer and market share in the world.

To begin with, Netent has been in operation since early 1996. It has its headquarters in Sweden but enjoys a huge international market share. Microgaming on the other hand, is relatively older than Netent, having been in existence for over 3 decades. Sites like have-at-it.net have named it the best game maker.


Microgaming Stronghold Areas

Being one of the most unique gaming companies in the world, Microgaming has been approaching the industry from very sophisticated viewpoints and philosophies. As expected, each approach has yielded different results catapulting them to the highest levels in the industry. The company has dominated the gaming industry for so many decades.

Being one of the oldest companies in the gaming industry, Microgaming represents the old and past guard, unlike Netent that represents the new generation. These two companies go toe to toe in providing the best gaming services as well as creating games for gamblers. They are known for good game quality.

Netent Strength Areas

Despite its younger age compared to Microgaming, Netent has been able to break into the industry and make a name for itself. Their success didn't come on a silver plate, they worked so hard to achieve it. Despite being in the industry for over two decades, Netent only made a name in recent years.

Netent's strength lies in their super powerful servers. The company prides itself in owning some of the most reliable servers in the world. This means that security is top notch and players can't lose their cash to hacking. Their game graphics are also outstanding, making it a favourite gaming company for many.

Netent and Microgaming Comparison

When you compare the two, Netent has an edge over Microgaming. Despite its young age, Netent has withstood long years of trial and error to become one of the most reliable gaming companies. People enjoy Netent games more than any other company's. Perhaps, this is the reason why their games rank at the top.

In terms of experience, Microgaming is undoubtedly the most advanced one. Having been in operation for over 3 decades, it gives gamblers a sense of relativity and quality games. Despite its old age, many gamblers in the world still trust it and play its games often. It is simply phenomenal!

Netent vs Microgaming Verdict

Netent and Microgaming occupy the top two positions in the game making industry. Netent for instance, is a company known for making captivating games like Netent When Pigs Fly, Jacks or Better, Quite for Immortality among others. These games have millions of fans around the globe, making Netent the best company.

Microgaming on the other hand, despite its old age, remains relevant with most of its games having many fans. The company enjoys a huge market especially in the European countries. It is also the first gaming company to penetrate the African market. Experts have credited it for making captivating games with good graphics.